Sunday, May 15, 2005

Back to the Horns

Saw Kingdom of Heaven the other day. Was struck by how much it actually did track history, I mean it isn't really accurate, but none of the big stuff was wrong really. I mean Balian wasn't sleeping with the princess, so far as we know, and certainly the whole army did not show up at Kerak (I've been there BTW, mostly a pile of stones on a hill). And Palestine is not really a desert. I wish they had shown what happened at and after theHorns of Hattin, it really was a most amazing story (and yes, Saladin really did personally kill Reynauld). Maybe in the dirctor's cut extended edition.

And of course they had to make it Good and Evil, if not between saracens and christians, then within the crusaders. But Reynauld and Guy (who weren't actually buddies) actually had a point. If you are a crusader, you aren't there to make friends. Your job is killing people. In the long term, a losing point, but a valid one none the less, from a crusader point of view.

I wonder how the movie is going down in Isreal?

Oh, and yes, it really did happen on the 4th of July.


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