Monday, May 30, 2005

Non Compliance

You hear a good deal about this, if you are a parent dealing with the school system and a bright but idiosyncratic child. Its even a recognized psychiatric disorder; how fascist is that?

Famous non-compliers:

Jesus Christ




Martin Luther King

Martin Luther

Genghis Khan



and so on.

Pretty much everyone who counts, really.

And many more, so many many more, who don't count. Who were very very brave, and got beaten and forgotten for their troubles. Real heroes, actually.

Anyway, you can shut down the Hitlers, at the price of shutting down the MLKs. I know where I land on that kind of decision. Oh the Hitlers have to be fought all right, those who give up their humanity to thrive on our hatreds, fears, and resentments truly are evil. But you can't fight ideas with laws, let alone rules.

Its as simple as that.


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