Saturday, April 02, 2005

Manzikert. look it up.

Well, lets see here. You totally dominate any conceivable threat, because you have much higher tech and better organization, and infrastucture and training and equipment and everything else. You win most of the time, but it doesn't solve anything, and then goatherds beat you, slowly and stupidly. Just once, is all it takes. Because for sure, eventually you will make a Big Mistake. Who's gonna win in the long run? Who always has?

Me, I'm pretty certain that Mr. bin Laden pretty much won: he got exactly what he wanted. People are paying attention to his cause. Terrorism has always been about recruiting, really. And making the other guys behave badly.

Well that, and the Horns of Hattin. One of the biggest Big Mistakes of all time, really. I garauntee you that Osama's boys know all about that. Do you?